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HOKO company is a leading manufacturer of air purifier products, since 2005. Continuous innovation is the competitiveness of enterprises & products. We pay more attention to R & D works, and cooperated with famous university in R & D technology. For the Quality Control, we follow up strictly with ISO9001:2015 standard. Each product is come from rigorous testing. Like Temperature, QUV aging, salt spray test, drop test, vehicle vibration simulation test,more than 40 tests etc.
Hot Products

  • Desktop Air Cleaner


    Designed for small to medium size rooms to help keep air clean and comfortable to breathe. Removes 98% of allergens from the air True HEPA Filter captures 98% of airborne allergens such as...
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  • Ionic Air Cleaner


    This entry-level air purifier with no sensor. But with a very good filtration and Ions. 1. Rough nets: Removes particles easily seen by the (e.g.dust, hair and pet dander) 2. Charcoal filter:...
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  • HEPA Room Air Cleaner


    Because a hepa room air cleaner can effectively capture almost all air pollutants, it is the best choice for asthma or allergy sufferers.This high-density filter works great for capturing...
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  • Air Cleaner for Allergies


    Most of the pollen and spores that cause allergies are above 1um in diameter, which is similar to the diameter of PM2.5 dust we often say. Therefore, you should choose an air cleaner for...
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  • Room Air Cleaner with HEPA ...


    Room Air Purifier Wider and bigger back air-intaking design fully takes in the air faster and smoother. The big air outlet design makes your feel more fresh air in a short time. Powerful filters,...
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  • Portable Room Air Cleaners


    *HEPA high efficiency filter + activated carbon double filtration * Release more than 10 million negative ions *6 speeds * suitable size for private spaces such as office and living room *Filter...
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