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Automotive Purifier National standards will be introduced
Sep 21, 2018

No rules inadequate surrounding area. Standard is an important technical system to standardize the development of the industry, which plays an important role in guaranteeing the quality of products, improving the reputation of the market, promoting the circulation of commodities and maintaining fair competition. "Car Purifier This industry has a false propaganda phenomenon, the industry needs to ' purify '." "At present, our country mainly for the car air purifier quality standards have not yet been formally introduced, and the entire air Purifier market reference standards are mainly recommended GB" air purifier (gb/t18801-2008). It has some basic regulations on the safety and performance of air purifier, but it is not very comprehensive, and some standard requirements do not apply to car purifier. As the standard is not mandatory, coupled with market regulation confusion, the automotive air Purifier industry standard is almost "vacuum" status, the revision of the national standard has become a turning point in the development of car air purifier industry.

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