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Can the air purifier remove the decoration smell?
Jan 02, 2019

It has been proved by experiments that the air purifier is able to remove the odor. As we all know, activated carbon has a strong adsorption effect, which can purify formaldehyde in the air. Because activated carbon does not have the function of active adsorption, the purification effect is limited.

One of the core components of the air purifier is an activated carbon filter, which utilizes the adsorption of activated carbon, configures the function of the internal fan and the motor, plays the role of active adsorption, promotes air circulation, and the air to be filtered flows from the air inlet. The filter net, the formaldehyde molecules in the air are adsorbed and decomposed by the filter screen, so that the circulation is continuously circulated, the formaldehyde content in the air is continuously reduced, and finally the purpose of purifying formaldehyde is achieved.

Look at the purification effect of formaldehyde, mainly depends on the CCM value of the machine. The higher the value, the better the purification effect.

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