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How about a home air purifier?
Feb 26, 2019

Air pollution is a major killer of human health. Now, the air pollution situation is not optimistic, and fresh air has become an urgent need of the majority of residents. Faced with this situation, many businesses have introduced air purifiers, so is the domestic air purifier useful?

1. Remove chemical gases such as formaldehyde, ammonia and benzene.

The air purifier can effectively neutralize volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, insecticides, aerosol hydrocarbons, harmful gases emitted from paint, and avoid physical discomfort caused by inhaling harmful gases.

2.effectively eliminate odor

The air purifier can effectively remove the strange smell and polluted air emitted from chemicals, animals, tobacco, cooking fumes, cooking, decoration, garbage, and replace the indoor gas 24 hours a day to ensure a virtuous cycle of indoor air.

3. Remove microorganisms and pollutants from the air

The air purifier can effectively kill and destroy bacteria, viruses, molds and molds in the air and on the surface of the object, and at the same time remove dead dandruff, pollen and other sources of diseases in the air, and reduce the spread of diseases in the air.

4. Settling particles in the air

The air purifier can effectively settle various inhalable suspended particles such as dust, coal dust, smoke and fiber impurities in the air to prevent the human body from breathing to these harmful floating dust particles.

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