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How about negative ion air purifier
Dec 05, 2018

Negative ion air purifier: It is an environment-optimized electric appliance that purifies, dedusts, deodorizes and sterilizes air by using negative ions generated by itself. The difference between it and traditional air purifier is that negative ions act as a driving factor and take the initiative to attack. Capture harmful substances in the air.


  1. It is impossible to decompose harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene through physical, chemical and biological reactions to achieve the purpose of purifying air. And it needs to be replaced regularly to incur costs.

  2. Can not be completely removed. Negative ions are emitted in the air, making it easy to attract dust to places such as wallpaper and glass, and cannot be completely removed from the room. 3, the scope of action is limited, not only negative ion air purifiers, most air purifiers have a limited range of problems.

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