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How to choose the Air purifier
Sep 21, 2018

Indoor air pollutants are mainly dust, viruses, bacteria, fungi and insect mites and other allergens; respirable organic volatile gases, such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, and so on; radioactive contamination caused by radon and its sub-bodies released by strata and building decoration materials. Therefore, the use of air purification products, should be integrated into consideration of its functions and effects. 

Industry insiders said that the purification capacity of air purifier should be considered first. If the room is larger, you should choose a unit of time to purify the air purifier with a larger volume. In general, larger purifier purification capacity is stronger, for example, 30 square meters of room should choose 120 cubic meters/hour of air purifier. 

Secondly, the service life of the purifier should be considered, and maintenance is not easy. Some products because of the use of filtration, adsorption, catalytic principle, the purifier with the increase in time, the filter bladder tends to saturate, the purification capacity of the equipment to reduce, the need to clean, replace filter and filter, users should choose to have a regenerative ability of the purification filter bladder (including high-efficiency catalytic activated carbon) to prolong the service life And some electrostatic products do not need to replace the relevant modules, as long as regular cleaning.

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