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Negative ion air purifier
Dec 18, 2018

An environmentally-optimized electric appliance that purifies, dedusts, deodorizes, and sterilizes air by using negative ions generated by itself, and the difference from the conventional air purifier is that negative ions are used as an active factor to actively capture harmful substances in the air. The traditional air purifier is a fan exhaust, using the filter to filter dust to purify the air, called the passive adsorption filter purification principle, the filter needs to be replaced regularly, and the negative ion air purifier does not need consumables.


Negative ion air purifier has the effects of calming, hypnosis, analgesia, antitussive, itching, diuresis, appetite and blood pressure lowering. For example, after the thunderstorm, the negative ions of the air increase, and people feel comfortable. In the air-conditioned room, almost all of the negative ions in the air disappeared after a series of air-conditioning purification treatments and long ventilation pipes. People staying in them for a long time will feel chest tightness, dizziness, fatigue, work efficiency and health deterioration. Syndrome".

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