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Optional air purifier does not look at the price of performance
Sep 21, 2018

In the selection of the required air purifier can not only see publicity, should be based on your environmental air pollution and living area to buy. Zhongxiaoxie suggested that the newly renovated room and the air pollution in the car is mainly formaldehyde, benzene, tvoc and other organic pollutants, it is advisable to purchase the removal of formaldehyde and other home improvement pollutants ability of the air purifier products. However, for the old house, or only to deal with fog and haze days, PM2.5, can be the main choice to remove particulate matter stronger purifier. If you have a patient at home, you should also consider whether you have the ability to remove bacteria when choosing a purifier. Second, the Air Purifier product purification performance is the key to its internal filtering network performance, regular replacement of the filter is very important. The service life of different filters is different, and the life of the filter screen will be different with the different environmental pollution conditions in short 1-2 months. The structure of the screen is different, the price difference is large, ranging from hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan. Consumers should consider the use of air purifier later cost, according to their own economic conditions, choose a better cost-effective air purifier products, do not blindly superstitious high-priced and foreign brands. 

Finally, to through the formal channels to purchase, warranty, invoice and after-sales service must understand clearly, do not blindly buy. Household air purifiers will improve the air quality in your home.

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