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Selection of household air purifiers
Feb 20, 2019

Air purifiers mainly use physical purification methods, and the combination of activated carbon layer and HEPA (high efficiency air filter) is the most common. Such filters are generally good at removing small particles, and chemicals in the air can also be adsorbed. When many people buy, they are easily blinded by the number of layers of filters that the merchants say. In fact, the purification effect is not the number of filters, but the quality of the filters. A good filter can play a good adsorption function, can remove the odor and the like, and the quality is not good, and then multiple layers are difficult to achieve the corresponding effect.

Different rooms have different sizes, so when you purchase an air purifier, you need to look at the size of the area. There are now models for 20 square meters, and some models are suitable for rooms of 40-50 square meters. When the user purchases, it is necessary to look at the rated air volume. According to international standards, the indoor air must be cycled 5 times per hour (more preferably 6 times). For a room with an area of 20 m2 and a floor height of 2.5 m, the volume of indoor air is 50 m3 (20 m2 x 2.5 m). That is to say, the best purification effect, the rated air volume should reach 250m3/h (50m3×5 times), and the model with 300m3/h is better. The size of the room is determined, and the rated air volume is calculated, so you can pick a model that is more suitable for your home.

The noise level of the household air purifier is not to be noticed by the user. In the case of different windshields, the noise is fast and the noise is high. Therefore, when selecting the user, you need to pay attention to the influence of the noise level on sleep. Try to test it on the spot. In the case of the maximum air volume, the size of the noise should not affect the normal life.

Air purifiers are used at home. When choosing, there are many places to pay attention to. Users can refer to the above introduction and comprehensively choose. Do not simply listen to the salespersons, but should have their own judgment ability, choose from their own needs, daily The effect is even better.

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