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The Air purifier purchase tips
Nov 21, 2018

First, the filter material. Good filter materials (such as HEPA high-density filter media) have a capacity to adsorb more than 0.3 microns of contaminants up to 99.9%.

Second, purification efficiency. If the room is large, the unit should choose an air purifier with a large air volume. For example, a room of 15 square meters should choose an air purifier with a purifying air volume of 120 cubic meters per hour.

Third, the service life. As the purification filter tends to be saturated, the adsorption capacity of the purifier will decrease, so consumers should choose a purification filter with regenerative function to extend its life.

Fourth, the room layout. The air inlet and outlet of the air purifier has a 360-degree annular design, and there is also a one-way air inlet and outlet. If the product is not placed in the room layout, the annular inlet and outlet design products can be selected.

Fifth, demand. According to the type of pollutants to be purified, the air purifier is selected. HEPA has a strong purifying function for soot, suspended particles, bacteria and viruses, and the catalytic activated carbon has better purification effect on odor and harmful gases.

Sixth,After-sales service. After the purification filter is invalid, it needs to be replaced by the manufacturer, so you should choose the products of the enterprise with perfect after-sales service.

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