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The role of Air purifier
Sep 21, 2018

Air purifier is a new type of household appliances, it has the functions of regulating temperature, automatically detecting smoke, filtering dust, eliminating odor and harmful gas, double sterilization, releasing negative ions and so on. Can effectively clear the air of microorganisms and pollutants, such as air, the surface of the bacteria, viruses, mildew poison, mold, while removing the air of dead skin debris, pollen and other causes of disease sources, reduce the spread of disease in the air. At the same time can also settle the air dust, coal dust, smoke, fiber impurities and other respirable suspended particulate matter. and effective elimination of odor, chemical gas and release of oxygen, millions of per second of the pulse release of the oxygen, to create an ecological forest bathing environment, the human body to carry out the ecological roots of brain health care, purify the blood, eliminate harmful free radicals, to eliminate fatigue, enhance brain activity, relieve mental pressure and irritable mood effect, Make your home environment as fresh and natural as the forest after rain.

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