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Use and maintenance of air purifier
Sep 21, 2018

Air Purifier Inlet has coarse-effect filter or dust collection network, should pay attention to frequent cleaning, clean after the natural drying, so as not to produce a sound discharge. The use of air purifier to pay attention to the regular replacement of the filter, the time to replace the filter according to the actual product use time to determine. Check the product manual for any precautions. For example, the use of chlorine dioxide formaldehyde scavenger in the closet in the adsorption of formaldehyde, it may produce oxidizing gas will be hanging in the wardrobe in the color of the beautiful clothes faded. To see the need for business with the construction or use, such as some photocatalyst paint, it is necessary for professionals to use special equipment can be sprayed using, otherwise it will not be able to fully play its use effect. Anion is the simulation of the natural air ionization principle to make, it in the air life is very short, so the export should be as close as possible to people's breathing belt. In the process of negative ions, due to the electrostatic effect, the surrounding environment is easy to accumulate dust, should be wiped out in time.

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