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What is HEPA?
Feb 20, 2019

HEPA is an abbreviation for (high-efficiency air particulate filter), which consists of a stack of continuous, pre-folded, sub-glass fiber membranes that form wavy gaskets for placement and support of filter media. HEPA is an internationally recognized and best high-efficiency filter material. Originally used in nuclear energy research and protection, HEPA is widely used in places requiring high cleanliness such as precision laboratories, pharmaceutical production, atomic research and surgery. HEPA is made up of very fine organic fibers. It has strong ability to capture particles, has small pore size, large adsorption capacity, high purification efficiency, and water absorption. The particle purification rate for 0.3 micron is 99.97%. In other words: only 3 of every 10,000 particles can penetrate the HEPA filter membrane. Therefore, its effect of filtering particulate matter is very obvious! If it is used to filter cigarettes, the filtration effect can be almost 100%, because the size of the particles in the cigarette is between 0.5 and 2 microns, and the membrane cannot pass through the HEPA filter.

The filtration efficiency of HEPA high efficiency particulate filters is directly proportional to their surface area. The air purifier's HEPA high-efficiency particulate filter is multi-layered, and the expanded area is about 14.5 times larger than that when folded. The filtration efficiency is outstanding. The filter is the core component of the air purifier, and its quantity and material have a great influence on the purification effect. Air purifiers on the market Filters are generally only three or four layers, and some products have five or six layers. Among them, there are mainly five types of filters for the mainstream of air purifiers, including pre-filters, washable deodorizing filters, formaldehyde removal filters, HEPA filters and humidifying filters.

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