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Why is the price gap of air purifier so big?
Sep 21, 2018

The first is the product positioning and quality. Since it is a well-known brand, they will certainly be strict in product quality control. Therefore, in manufacturing, supervision, product materials, design, internal mechanical structure, durability, product testing and other aspects of the cost is much higher than the small manufacturers. In addition, the selection of the quality of the motor, the performance and quality of the screen and other aspects of the performance should be more excellent, which has undoubtedly increased a lot of costs. 

In addition, well-known manufacturers have a strong technical research and development team, they will let the air purifier with more functions, such as adsorption technology, anion technology, negative oxygen ion technology, molecular complexation technology, photocatalyst technology, titanium dioxide technology, HEPA high-efficiency filtration technology, electrostatic dust collection technology, etc., the purpose is to make air purification more thorough , to create a healthy environment for users. And these are small manufacturers can not do, they have to rely on low prices to attract the attention of consumers. 

Finally, in advertising and brand effects, well-known brands in the advertising of the cost of investment will naturally be higher, which will also share a portion of the cost. Of course, this is much smaller than the cost of technology, quality and parts, and publicity costs. 

Of course, in terms of functionality, in other parts of the approximate situation, the current air purifier began to add humidification, anion, remote control and other additional functions, which will increase costs and prices.

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