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Can I Use An Air Purifier In My Baby Room? Will It Hurt?
Nov 13, 2018

Baby air purifiers are exclusively for babies and are very different from traditional air purifiers. The first is the difference in the use environment. Traditional air purifiers need to close the doors and windows when they are used. On the one hand, the air will not flow, and on the other hand, the indoor formaldehyde and benzene content will rise. The baby air purifier can be used to open the window, and the machine will form an air protection barrier to protect the baby from external pollutants.

Another difference is whether it will blow. Ordinary household air purifiers suck in dirty air and then eject clean air. During this process, there will be air flow, but babies generally cannot see the wind. The baby air purifier does not appear to be in use when it is used, and the maximum sound is only 39.8 decibels when it is working. It is silent and windless, and it cares for the baby's health.

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