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Ceiling Type Air Purifier To Change Your Indoor Good Helper!
Sep 21, 2018

Indoor turbid gas not only bring great distress to the people, especially, the gas will breed a lot of germs, over time, infiltration into the human body will cause colds, fever and other symptoms; changing indoor air is important, here Shenrui ceiling Air purifier can help you, its multi-layer purification function can not only purify the air of toxic fumes, but also effective to remove germs, it can also you a clear and comfortable health environment!

Suction Ceiling Type Air purifier sterilization principle: The scientific research shows that the bacterial sac is negatively charged, when entering the high-voltage negative field, the bacteria first polarized, with negative charges, and then into the dust area by the high-pressure positive electric field suction set, the cell sac of the bacteria immediately under the action of the positive and decomposition, so as to kill bacteria. The bacteria in the air are almost completely destroyed by the electric field, which is the unique function of electronic sterilization.

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