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Choose Air Purifier To Remove Smog PM2.5, Ecological Negative Ion Air Purifier Is Most Necessary To Buy
Nov 16, 2018

PM2.5 particles are the main component of cockroaches, which is the most harmful to the human body and the “culprit” of smog weather. Therefore, the key to managing smog is to solve the problem of PM2.5.

Fresh air + filter can not really play a role in effectively removing smog pm2.5.

The optimization of air quality by negative ions is far superior to the traditional filter air purification mode in terms of principle, scope of application and effect.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) laboratory found that there are three main methods for purifying particulate matter in the air:

1. Brownian Diffusion - For smaller particles, the effect is stronger.

2, filter interception (Interception) - the larger the particles, the better the effect.

3, negative oxygen ion coagulation sedimentation (ion coagulating sedimentation) - the smaller the particles, the better the effect.

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