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Cold Air To Attack, Indoor Pollution Can Not Be Ignored!
Sep 21, 2018

Indoor air pollution includes: decoration material pollution, furniture pollution and outdoor polluted convection. The level of indoor pollution, different seasons of the release of harmful substances, the winter is correspondingly lower. And it is not that there is no odor in the room without pollution, such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, benzene and radioactive material is not felt.

Due to the extensive use of chemical adhesives, organic solvents and organic solvent additives such as paints, coatings, etc., these will cause indoor air pollution in decoration construction. In the recently conducted panel survey, there are more than 60% of products with pollution problems.  In addition, paint, paint, waterproof materials, adhesives, wallpaper, floor leather, a variety of flooring, carpets, tiles, tiles, etc. may cause a certain degree of pollution, even if all the environmental standards of the material, because the overlap effect of decoration may also occur indoor environmental pollution. Interior furniture includes bedroom furniture, children's room furniture, living room furniture, study furniture, living room furniture, restaurant furniture and kitchen furniture. In recent years, due to the excessive formaldehyde emission of wood-based panel furniture pollution caused by the increase in annual complaints, has become the second factor of indoor environmental security. 

Experts remind, the newly renovated room within two months should not stay, home if there are elderly, infants and toddlers, pregnant women, bed patients and allergic physique of the person, the best after the decoration of indoor environmental testing, testing not to stay, at the same time can choose indoor Air purifier, accelerate purification.

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