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Do You Dare Not Replace The Filter-type Purifier For Consumables?
Sep 21, 2018

There is a seal of smoke purification of customer feedback, purification machine with a small amount of time to feel the wind, and then the various accusations of our equipment is not as good as a home, but not bad, and will not change. Then, according to customer feedback, we know the following: ① before using the other brand purifier, ② the purifier volume is very large, nearly a meter high, ③ used for 2 years have not changed any supplies; ④ after purification or use of the outer row. 

First of all to analyze, before the purification machine, why must be outside the row. We know that the present carved materials are generally plastic and horns and the like, this kind of material produced by the exhaust fumes, smoke volume, taste heavy. Purification is not thorough, the residual taste is more obvious, so, recommended the outer row.

And never changed supplies, can imagine, this device filtration system is how shabby, used for two years, no change in air volume, that only one possibility, is soot through the machine, nothing left, that is, the so-called purification machine, only played the effect of smoke.

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