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Do You Need A Purifier Without Smog
Nov 10, 2018

The severe smog weather has led to the rapid development of the air purifier industry, and the air purifier has become the fifth home appliance after TV, refrigerator, washing machine and air conditioner.After vigorous rectification, we are seeing more and more blue sky. In this case, do we still need to buy an air purifier?

There are more than 900 types of indoor air pollutants, which are mainly divided into 3 categories.

(1) Gas pollutants: The main source of home decoration building furniture materials, fuel burning, cooking, second-hand smoke.

(2) Microbial contaminants: such as allergic reactants, viruses, fungi and microorganisms that are prone to moisture in the room.

(3)Respirable particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5): source outdoor, fuel burning, cooking, secondhand smoke.

People spend 70% of their lives indoors. It is understood that 68% of human diseases are related to indoor air pollution, most of which are related to indoor biological pollution.A comprehensive purifying and high performance air purifier capable of adsorbing, decomposing or converting various air pollutants.So even if the outdoor haze is alleviated, the indoor pollution causes us to still need an effective air purifier.

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