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Have You Chosen The Right Air Purifier?
Sep 21, 2018

As with air conditioning, the choice of air purifier should also follow the principle of housing area. Introduced here a noun called cadr (clean Air Delivery rates), which is a new air purifier issued last year, the new national standard clearly marked an important indicator, it represents the purification efficiency of the air purifier. The CADR unit is m/h, the higher the value, the higher the purification efficiency of the air purifier. 

If you want to calculate the CADR value of the air purifier suitable for your room, we can use approximate algorithm, that is, the applicable area =cadr*0.1. Assuming an air purifier is CADR for 300m/h, it can be used in a room of 30㎡. 

Furthermore, noise is a problem that cannot be neglected. Some products, although the CADR value is high, but it paid a high noise price. We also need to compare the noise values of the same or similar CADR products, and whether there are silent modes and so on.

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