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How About A Small Air Purifier
Dec 05, 2018

1. Purifying air: Air negative ions make gas-soluble substances such as dust, smoke, pollen, droplets of water droplets and suspended microorganisms easy to accumulate, can oxidize with organic substances in the air to eliminate the odor generated by them, and thus have clean air, The role of improving environmental quality.

2. Sterilization: air negative ions can be combined with bacteria, microbial viruses, etc. attached to the dust in the air, so that it declines. Experimental studies have shown that air negative ions have a strong inhibitory effect on airborne microorganisms, so that the virus loses its ability to attack cells, thereby reducing the effect of bacteria purifying the air.

3. Eliminate static electricity: The electrostatic phenomenon is generally caused by ions with positive electric charge. The negative ions in the air will combine with positive ions to eliminate static electricity.

4. Biological effects: Experimental studies and clinical observations have shown that air negative ions have many biological effects on the body.

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