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How About Car Air Purifier
Feb 26, 2019

Car air purifier, which is a car air purifier, refers to an air purifying device that is specially used to purify PM2.5, toxic and harmful gases, odors, bacteria and viruses in the car air. It is usually composed of a high voltage generating circuit, a negative ion generator, a micro fan, an air filter, and the like. The micro-fan in the purifier operates to circulate the air inside the vehicle. The polluted air passes through the PM2.5 filter and the activated carbon filter in the purifier to filter or adsorb the pollutants, and finally passes through the negative ion generator installed in the air outlet. The air is continuously ionized, generating a large amount of negative ions, and the micro fan sends negative ions to form a negative ion airflow, so as to clean and purify the air.

1.Filter to remove odor

The vehicle air purifier uses porous high-density air filter materials such as activated carbon and HEPA filter paper to strongly adsorb suspended particles and harmful gases in the air, so that the vehicle purifier can effectively filter suspended matter and harmful substances. Remove the odor from decorative materials or viral microbes.

2.Sterilization and disease prevention

The negative ions generated by ionization can be sterilized, effectively preventing diseases. It can effectively eliminate bacterial viruses in the car by destroying the cell tissues and energy sources of bacteria and viruses. Not only that, negative ions also have the effect of improving lung function and promoting metabolism.

3.Humidification is not dry

During the driving process, it is easy to cause dryness, tight skin, and throat dryness due to air conditioning. The humidification function of the car air purifier can improve the dry interior environment, while reducing the dust particles in the air and removing static electricity.

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