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Is It Useful To Remove PM2.5 From An Air Purifier?
Nov 14, 2018

When the winter is the best selling of air purifier products, many people think that the air purifier can effectively remove PM2.5, then the air purifier is really useful? Which brand of air purifier is good? At present, more and more families are using air purifiers to remove cockroaches. There are a lot of PM2.5 hidden in the smog. PM2.5 is easy to burst in the smog season, and the sputum air purifier is mainly for PM2.5. Clear.

In general, the air purifiers can be divided into several types, active, passive, and composite. At present, the top ten brands of air purifiers use a composite purification mode. The combined air purification mode is more advanced and the products are sustainable. It takes longer to use.

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