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Is The Air Purifier Useful For Removing Formaldehyde And Other Decoration Pollution?
Jan 22, 2019

Different types of air purifiers have different effects in addition to formaldehyde. The following analysis is carried out: 

(1) The air purifier removes foreign matter in the air through the principle of physical filtration and adsorption to achieve the purpose of air purification. Including PM2.5, dust, animal hair, pollen, second-hand smoke, odor, toxic and harmful gases, bacteria, allergens, etc. 

(2) The activated carbon filter adsorbs the formaldehyde molecules in the air, and at the same time can achieve the effect of removing odor. When the activated carbon filter is saturated, it is difficult to continue to adsorb, and it may cause "secondary pollution". 

(3) If you want to completely remove formaldehyde, you need to use other technologies together, you can actively purify the factors in the air, and actively purify the formaldehyde in the air to achieve the purification effect.

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