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Is The Purifier Really Useful To Remove Formaldehyde?
Nov 08, 2018

For those who know how to get rid of formaldehyde, it is the best choice to decorate the house with the most environmentally friendly materials.But how many families can stay in the air after 6 months of ventilation? How many weather can you open the window in a year?

The principles of formaldehyde removal in purifier:Adsorption, saturation, desorption.

The higher the gas concentration in the environment, the stronger the ability of activated carbon to hold this gas.On the other hand, the more gas that has been adsorbed on the surface of the activated carbon, the higher the temperature, the faster the desorption rate, and when the desorption rate is the same as the adsorption rate, the so-called "saturation" is reached.After reaching saturation, once the external concentration drops, or the temperature rises, a reverse release occurs.

Every effort we make is to delay the arrival of saturation.For a strong manufacturer, the lifetime of empty net adsorption of formaldehyde reaches the highest level of national standard F4 (ie, the cumulative adsorption of more than 1500mg of formaldehyde) only means passing.

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