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My House Has Just Been Renovated. The Formaldehyde Inside Is Too Heavy. Is It Used In Air Purifiers?
Jan 17, 2019

The air purifier itself is not harmful to the human body, and the threat to the human body is derived from pollutants in the air. Newly renovated houses are inevitably using building materials, which are the main source of formaldehyde release. The period of formaldehyde volatilization is 3-15 years, so new houses should not only use air purifiers, but also insist on using air purifiers. In order to effectively manage indoor formaldehyde problems. If you want to hurry up to your new home, the HOKO KJ Series Air Evolution is your best choice: high CCM values enable fast, deep adsorption of formaldehyde. Because of the complexity of air pollution sources in new homes, HOKO recommends that the functions and effects should be considered when selecting air purification products.

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