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Negative Ion Air Purifier Subverts Tradition
Nov 09, 2018

Compared with the traditional fan and filter air purifier, the negative ion air purifier does not rely on the fan and the filter net, completely purifies the air with negative ions, and achieves the purpose of purifying the air by releasing the ecological-grade small-size negative ions into the air. According to a number of experts in the field of air environmental protection, it has been confirmed that small particle size negative ions can be combined with small particle dust to make it coagulate and precipitate, effectively removing 2.5 micron (PM2.5) and below fine dust in the air. Even particles as small as 0.011 microns.

Moreover, in terms of use, the negative ion air purifier has no fan and filter screen, and the machine operates with zero noise. In the later stage, there is no need to replace any filter element filter, and there is no post-consumer cost. The negative ion air purifier provides not only "clean" air, but also "healthy" air rich in "air vitamins" and negative oxygen ions!

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