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The False Propaganda Problem Of The Air Purifier Is Chaotic, And The Air Purifier Is Selected Briefly
Nov 27, 2018

With the development of the “spurt” of the air purifier market, the side effects brought about by it began to appear, and the purification effect of the product itself, the quality problem, and the false propaganda and the problem of high price were chaotic.

But as long as you really master the principles of air purifier technology, it is not difficult!

The air purifier is mainly composed of a motor, a fan, a filter net, and an intelligent monitoring system.

Regarding the knowledge of motors and fans, it is necessary to add some physics knowledge. Regarding the filter screen and dealing with smog, it is right to look for the HEPA standard filter. HEPA (High Efficiency particulate air filter), Chinese means high-efficiency air filter, HEPA-compliant filter. For 0.1 micron and 0.3 micron, the efficiency is 99.7%. The HEPA net is characterized by air passing through, but fine particles. But it can't pass.

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