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The Passive Adsorption Filter Air Purification Principle
Nov 24, 2018

Passive air purification is the use of a fan to pump air into the machine, through the built-in filter to filter the air, mainly to filter dust, odor, disinfection and so on. This type of filter air purifier uses HEPA filter + activated carbon filter + photocatalyst (cold catalyst, far catalyst) + UV sterilization

Toxic + electrostatic adsorption filter and other methods to treat the air. Among them, HEPA filter has the function of filtering dust particles, and other activated carbons mainly absorb odor. Therefore, it can be seen that there are various labels on the market with fan filter, photocatalyst, ultraviolet light and static electricity, which seems to be very chaotic. The working principle of the air purifier is basically the same, and all are passive adsorption filter air purification.

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