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What Kind Of Indoor Air Cleaner Is Best For Home Use?
Sep 21, 2018

First, activated carbon adsorption technology--adsorption capacity is very strong Activated carbon is a black porous solid carbon, from coal by crushing, forming or using a uniform coal particles by carbonization, activation of production. The main component is carbon, which has strong adsorption properties and is an industrial adsorbent for a wide range of applications.

Second, HEPA high-efficiency filtration technology-the larger the greater the purification effect of particulate matter better HEPA high-efficiency filter is made of high-density fiber, the ability to capture particles is very strong, adsorption capacity, high purification efficiency, the effect of filtering particulate matter is very obvious. The EPA laboratory study found that there are three main methods for purifying particulate matter in the air, with the filter intercepting the larger particles, the better the effect.

Three, negative oxygen ion technology-not only to purify the air, but also to provide healthy air Air anion according to its migration distance and particle size is divided into: large, medium and small three species of ions, the smaller the size of anion, the farther away the migration, the higher the activity of anion.

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