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When Using An Air Purifier, Should You Open The Window?
Nov 17, 2018

The function of the air purifier is to purify the air in our room. The dust, large particles, bacteria, dust mites and formaldehyde in the air will be purified to prevent rhinitis and some respiratory diseases, so that the health of the elderly and children at home. Get protected.

Although the use of air purifiers in opening windows will affect the effect of purification, in fact, proper window ventilation is necessary, because the concentration of carbon dioxide will increase in the closed space for a long time, so it is necessary to open the window properly and let the new The air ran in, and it is best to open the window in the morning and evening, because the air pollution at these two points is relatively weak.

However, when using an air purifier to open the window, it will speed up the dirtyness of the air purifier filter element, so it is necessary to clean and replace the filter element.

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