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Air Purifier For Washroom

Air Purifier For Washroom

The air purifier mainly purifies the air. The purifier uses an adsorption and filtering substance such as activated carbon to circulate and purify the air, and is also equipped with ozone ions to sterilize the air, so that harmful floating objects and bacteria in the air are purified.

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Product Description

YM-A080  1

Multi function air purifier

Technical Parameters :

Item No.YM-A080 Air purifier for washroom
Applicable Area16-27 sqm
ColorWhite/Black or any other colors upon your requirement.
Wind Speed1 -4 levels
FiltersPre-filter+ composite filter (hepa, activated carbon filter)
Negative ions10 millions pcs/cbcm

YM-A080  7

A080 (6)

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